This past weekend in New York City, an event that was a true New York experience was a great success and a ton of fun to be part of.  SINGLEFARE 4 is the invention of two alumni artists from the New York Academy of Art to raise scholarship money for the Academy. The guidelines state that any artist, from anywhere, can submit work, but it all has to be done on a New York City metrocard, and by the deadline.  Each metrocard mini-painting/art can be purchased for $100 at the exhibition.

This was the 4th year that they have done the exhibition, and it has turned into quite the New York City phenomenon - many famous and well known artists submit work, some artists' regular work would sell for thousands of dollars, but this is a chance to purchase great art for $100.  The event received much press in The New York Times, The Post, Youtube, and even was covered by the Chinese state new agency,,,so it is now even talked about in China!!!

Needless to say, the crowds filled the exhibition hall, and all had a great time seeing many great mini paintings, some by famous artists, and others just great in their own greatness.

Being a New Yorker, I had to submit a piece,,,,I learned about it at the last minute, so I created a little still-life the night before the deadline,,,,"Pear".  I had to use water based guache instead of oil to make sure it would be dry to mail to SINGLEFARE 4 the next day to make the deadline.  

Here are some of the photos from the event.


Top Row: The founders of SINGLEFARE 4 - Jean Pierre Roy and Michael Kagan greeting the people in line outside the event before it was open to the public on Saturday evening.

Middle Row:  The crowds that filled the HighLine Stages - where the event took place down by the HighLine in New York City

Bottom Row: Me standing in front of my piece "The Pear" - above my head, next to the "Stature of Liberty".  The urbanscapes below them were some of my favorite ones especially the one of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Pear.jpg
image3 (41).jpg
image2 (91).jpg